Emerging Travel Destinations – tell me before the rest of the world.

Travel Destinations List (for travel agencies and travellers)

As a travel agent/agency, you want to build destination expertise before these destinations get on the radar to the mass public.

For two reasons, (a) to address early adopters (travellers looking to go off the beaten path) and (b) so you can pounce on the opportunity when these destinations do go mainstream (or at the very least increase their visibility).

– Vietnam

– Iceland

– Greenland in the Summer

– Argentina

– Colombia

– Qatar

– India (it’s getting quite mainstream but there is much more traction here)

– Fiji. I’d like to add Fiji to the list not because it’s new but because people things its ‘too exotic’ and ‘too far’ a place to consider. It’s not. 10+ hours flight from Los Angeles, family friendly, very affordable, very safe, very friendly people, very inviting culture, direct flights from Los Angeles, easy transportation and most importantly the white sand beaches you see on travel magazines. You’ll have unlimited bragging rights when you get back 😉 It’s been a few years since I’ve been to Fiji and in many ways I never left.


What should you do with this list if you’re a travel agency?

– Visit the locations if possible. Nothing beats going. Are there agent FAM rates available? Many of these locations are cheaper in general since they’re not as high traffic (yet!)

– Attend virtual or actual destination events for the cities.

– Find suppliers who are experts in these destinations and add that to the product mix

– Get feedback from any early adopter clients you have and tap their brains on their experiences. 

If this list is of value or have additional suggestions, follow me on Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/travelalchemist) where I post musings on the travel industry, business and a little economics.


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