2010 Consumer Highlights

Highlights from the  Travel Weekly 2010 Consumer Survey (click link for complete survey)

18-31 year olds like using Travel Agents

Who knew! The 18 to 31 year olds represent 14% of the population yet represent a significantly higher percentage of the leisure travelers who use traditional agents. This is attributed to, among a variety of reasons, to that generation wanting to be coddled and online information overload.

Information overload

Frugality is the new norm.

Travelers are 36% more likely to use coupons, 35% more likely to wait for sales, 26% more likely to buy online.

The Only Green People Want To See Are Lower Fares

Of the total surveyed, 84% said no or are unsure about paying a higher fare to use a travel supplier that demonstrates environment responsibility.

Lists 4 different “tribes” of leisure travelers.

Sensationals make up 28% of all leisure travelers and are the youngest of the four segments (mean age of 40). They tend to be professional singles and couples with a preference for action/the club life. They also favor adventure and outdoor vacations, clothing-optional/spa destinations and travel primarily to play. They are particularly receptive to travel deals discovered through flash emails.

Families represent 23% of all leisure travelers. They are family-vacation-oriented, represent the second-youngest segment by age (mean of 42), reside in dual-income households with children under 18 and are package-travel-oriented. Their preferences include theme parks, predictable experiences, cruises and beach vacations. They are safety-conscious and are smart comparison shoppers.

Touristers represent 23% of all leisure travelers. They are happily married and the second-oldest group (mean of 47), entrepreneurial/driven to succeed and favor “no-mistake” travel. They view travel as an opportunity to learn. They take the most trips and spend the highest amount per trip. Their travel preferences index highly on family visits and high-end global destinations.

Extraordinaires make up 26% of all travelers and are the oldest tribe (mean of 52).

More than one-third (36%) are grandparents. They tend to be wealthy empty-nesters seeking urban cultural experiences with a particular interest in museums and the theater. City, European and other foreign destinations index highly in terms of their preferences. They have a penchant for boutique hotels and resorts.

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