Is the dot com bubble back? Not if you look at total VC Investment, Deal Sizes or Follow On %’s

There’s a growing notion coming out of the Valley that the hey days of high valuations and free investment dollars of the dot com boom are back in full swing.To the extent you’re on the beneficial end of this phenom, more power to you.

Diving deeper into VC investment numbers paints a different picture.


MoneyTree Total Venture Capital Investment Dollars for and Q1-Q3 2010 was $4.93B, $6.94B and $4.82B respectively.

The same for Q1-Q4 of 2000 was $27.43B,  $26.66B,  $25.21B and $20.76B respectively.

Year over year differences aren’t rounding errors — we have a ways to go before it’s even in the realm of an apples to apples comparison.


Average deal size in Q1-Q3 of 2010 is $6.53M, $7.22M and $6.18M respectively.

Average deal size in Q1-Q3 of 2000 is $12.71M, $12.56M and $12.99M respectively.

Similar disparity is found when looking at how many new investments versus follow-on investments are taking place.

I wish I could take credit for this tid bit of information — that goes to a trusted Partner at Perkins Coie; I simply researched the numbers.

Here’s to a follow on post a year from now that’s considerably more optimistic.


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