About Abrar

Short Version

  • Lived in California, Boston, India, Chicago, NJ & South Africa
  • Professional Evolution: Data Entry –> Developers –> Senior Dev –> Project Manager –> Consultant –> Travel Tech Lead & Developer –> Travel Co-founder (travel startup —> 50 ppl travel company) –> Travel Angel Investor –> Multi-stage VC Investor
  • Former Travel Agent, Travel Tech Software Developer, OTA Founder.
  • Now: Partner at Travel Capitalist Ventures
  • Professional Interests: Investments in Travel Companies.
  • Interests: Wake boarding, Traveling, Reading, spending time with Family.

Long Version

Abrar is an expert at helping travel startups, established travel companies and government bodies to participate fully in the opportunities within travel.

He is a high energy investor, speaker, entrepreneur and executive with 15 years of online travel experience in leisure, luxury, corporate and wholesale travel across 6 global travel markets.

He has firsthand experience with establishing international sales offices, securing strategic partnerships and suppliers, setting a rapid growth operational framework and deploying call centers in India, Philippines and South Africa.

Before his active travel schedule, Abrar was a Corporate Member of the World Affairs Council and supporter of the Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs.

He attended Harvard University with an Economics Concentration.


  • Helped a 2 people $100,000 p/year travel start-up grow into a multi-million dollar company.
  • Managed high availability high traffic travel booking engine software development for a leading travel technology provider.
  • Developed a multi-agent, multi-currency, offline & online integrated web based travel CRM package used by a 50 person travel agency.
  • Helped an online travel agency setup a 3rd party and in-house call centers in India, Philippines and S Africa.
  • Help strike a deal between an online travel agency and a 300 person corporate travel agency resulting in multi-million $ revenue and successful bids for key multi-million $ proposals.
  • Identified & implemented the Indian travel agent work at home model in 2003.

Follow me on Twitter @travelalchemist or drop me an email.


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